Zillis Wood pressed Coconut Oil (1 Litre)
Zillis Wood pressed Coconut Oil (1 Litre)
Zillis Wood pressed Coconut Oil (1 Litre)
Zillis Wood pressed Coconut Oil (1 Litre)
Wood pressed Coconut Oil (1 Litre) | Kolhu/ Kacchi Ghani/ Chekku | Coconut Oil | Natural | Chemical-Free | Wood Pressed Coconut Oil for Cooking - Zilli's

Zillis Wood pressed Coconut Oil (1 Litre) | Cold Pressed Oil

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Make a Healthier and Tastier Choice with Zilli’s Wood Pressed Coconut Oil!

Zilli’s Wood Pressed Coconut Oil is a high-quality, pure, and refreshing coconut oil made with the traditional wood press technique. It uses sun-dried coconut flesh (dried copra), which is crushed and pressed slowly in a wood press to extract the oil.

The specialty of Zilli’s cold-pressed/wood-pressed coconut oil is that it retains all the goodness of coconut. It is 100% natural, unrefined, and packed with vitamins, nutrients, minerals, MCTs, healthy fatty acids, and antioxidants that give a boost to your immune system, brain functioning, and energy levels. 

Rightly termed a superfood, our coconut oil carries a sweet flavour, delicate aroma, and many culinary and health benefits. Due to a high smoke point, you can also use our wood pressed coconut oil for cooking, baking, and frying. It is also great for massages, skincare, and hair nourishment.

Buy Wood Pressed Coconut Oil from Zilli’s. Add a mild coconut flavour to your cooking or unwind with a relaxing head massage. Place your order today!


Wood-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil.

How to Use Zilli’s Wood Pressed Coconut Oil: 

Here are some common uses of Zilli’s wood pressed coconut oil in cooking:

  • Drizzle onto salads, popcorn, granola, and puffed rice (bhel).
  • Mix into gravies, soups, and curries.
  • Sauté vegetables, eggs, chicken, meat, shrimp, or fish.
  • Blend into smoothies and protein shakes.
  • Add to oatmeal, cereal, and pancakes. 
  • Stir into tea or coffee.
  • Fry banana chips, jackfruit chips, and fries.
  • Bake into cookies, muffins, bread, pies, cakes, and brownies.
  • Season meat before roasting or frying.

You can also use it for:

  • Oil Pulling.
  • Head Massages.
  • Skin and Hair Conditioning and Nourishment.
  • DIY Face Masks.
  • DIY Lip Balm.

Shelf life:

10 months from packaging.

Wood Pressed Coconut Oil Nutritional Value:

Nutritional Value per 100g


899 Kcal


Nil / <0.1g


Nil / <1.0mg

Total Fats

- Saturated Fatty Acids

- Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

- Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

- Trans Fatty Acids







What are some wood pressed coconut oil benefits?

There are numerous benefits of wood pressed coconut oil. It helps:

  • Regulate cholesterol. 
  • Keep your heart healthy.
  • Fight viral and bacterial infections.
  • Strengthen immunity.
  • Boost energy levels and improves memory.
  • Promote weight loss.
  • Make your bones strong.
  • Reduce hair fall and fight dandruff. You can use wood pressed coconut oil for hair nourishment and relaxing massages. 

What is the difference between cold pressed and wood pressed coconut oil?

Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Extracted using a wooden press.

Extracted using a metal cold press expeller machine.

Temperature: Below 40°C

Temperature: Below 70°C

Maximum Nutrients Preserved.

High amount of Nutrients.

Richer Aroma and Flavour.

Slightly less intense compared to wood pressed but better than refined.

It is a subset of the cold press method.

All wood pressed oils are also cold pressed oils, but it’s not the same in reverse.

Can Wood Pressed Coconut Oil be Used for Cooking?

Yes. You can use wood pressed coconut oil for cooking as it is heart-healthy and has a higher smoke point. It can be used for deep frying, shallow frying, sautéing, baking, and salad dressings.

What is the difference between Wooden-Pressed and Refined Oil?

Refined coconut oil is extracted at a higher speed, generating heat up to 200°C. The refining process also includes bleaching and addition of solvents. This degrades the oil’s flavour and destroys its nutritional value.

In contrast, wood pressed coconut oil is extracted slowly, generating no heat and maintaining temperatures below 40°C. It retains its rich natural flavour and aroma and is abundant in vitamins and nutrients, making it safer and healthier for you.

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