Zilli's Ginger Garlic Powder (100g)

Zilli's Ginger Garlic Powder (100g x 2 =200g)

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Bring a Touch of Magic in your Everyday Meals with Zilli’s Ginger Garlic Powder! 

Ginger Garlic Powder is a commonly used spice that is considered to be a must-have in the kitchen. It is made using carefully handpicked fresh garlic and ginger that have been peeled, dehydrated, and powdered to perfection.

Zilli’s Ginger Garlic Powder is a fantastic alternative to fresh ginger and garlic as well as ginger garlic paste. It is ready to use and brings a delightful flavour and aroma to your recipes. There are also many ways you can make use of ginger garlic powder in Indian cooking, including adding it to curries, chutneys, sabzis, kebabs, and many more delicacies. 

The best part is that dry ginger garlic powder can be conveniently added to your recipes without needing to spend time peeling and chopping garlic and ginger. The buttery mildness of garlic and the zesty sharpness of ginger also complement each other and your dishes.

Zilli’s Ginger Garlic Powder is 100% vegan, natural, and contains no preservatives. It’s the best addition you’ll make to your spice rack. Place your order today!


Dry Ginger Powder (50%) and Dry Garlic Powder (50%).

How to Use Zilli’s Ginger Garlic Powder:

There are numerous ginger garlic powder uses in cooking. You can:

  • Stir it into curries, gravies, sabzis, and dals.
  • Spice up your tikkis, kebabs, chicken, prawns, and pickles.
  • Toss it into salads, stir fry, veggies, and fries.
  • Bake it into garlic bread and pizza doughs.
  • Use it for tempering, marinades, and stocks.
  • Sprinkle it on noodles, paneer, and pasta.
  • Blend it into sauces, chutneys, and dips. 
  • Brew it into herbal teas.

Directions to Use: Use ¼ tsp dry ginger garlic powder to substitute for 1 tsp paste. Remember to add it in the final 15 minutes of your cooking. 

Shelf life:

12 months from the manufacturing date.

Zilli’s Ginger Garlic Powder Nutritional Value per 100g:

Nutritional Value per 100g


256 KCal

Total Carbohydrates


Total Fat







How much Ginger Garlic Powder equals ginger garlic paste?

You can add 1/4th teaspoon of dry ginger garlic powder to your recipe in place of 1 teaspoon of ginger garlic paste.

Does Ginger Garlic Powder have calories?

Yes, it does have calories. There are around 256 calories in 100g of dry ginger garlic powder. One teaspoon will contain roughly 7 to 8 calories.

Is Ginger Garlic Powder healthy?

There are plenty of ginger garlic powder health benefits. It can help:

  • Boost the immune system.
  • Improve respiratory health.
  • Prevent cold, cough, congestion, and flu.
  • Help with motion sickness.
  • Control blood pressure & cholesterol.
  • Protect against heart diseases.
  • Keep the digestive system healthy.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Aid in weight loss.

How to use Ginger Garlic Powder?

Ginger Garlic Powder is a good alternative if you’re short on ginger garlic paste, want a subtle flavour, and when you don’t want bits and pieces of ginger and garlic in your dishes. It is recommended to add it in the last 15 minutes of your cooking.

How is Ginger Garlic Powder made?

Ginger Garlic Powder is made by dehydrating fresh garlic cloves and ginger root and grounding them into a fine powdered form. The two are then combined together to create ginger garlic powder.

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