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(Updated on March 11, 2023)

Spicy Garlic Mushroom is a scrumptious and lip-smacking side dish we are sure you will delightfully enjoy. It tastes super delicious, requires very few ingredients, and can be prepared easily in around 10 minutes. What’s not to love?

This garlic mushroom recipe features sliced mushrooms tossed in silky butter and flavoured with spicy garlic chutney or paste. The garlic powder brings a rich nutty savouriness that complements the earthy mushrooms and the heat of red chillies, making it an excellent side dish for your next meal, get-together, or picnic. 

The easy garlic mushroom is a must-try for all food fanatics. These spicy garlic mushrooms are unbelievably irresistible and have a hearty taste. The 10-minute dish comes together effortlessly and goes well with almost any item. 

Here is how you can make this easy garlic mushroom recipe at home:

Preparation Time: 5 minutes.

Cooking Time: 5 minutes.

Serves: 2 people.

Course: Side Dish.

Cuisine: American.


  • 1½ cups of chopped mushrooms.
  • 5 dry red chillies.
  • 2 tbsp of water.
  • 1 tsp Zilli's Garlic Powder
  • 1 tsp sugar.
  • ¾ tbsp vinegar.
  • 1 tsp butter.
  • ½ tsp cumin.
  • 2 chopped spring onions.
  • 2 tsp finely chopped coriander leaves.
  • Salt to taste.

How to Make Spicy Garlic Mushrooms:

Prep Work: 

Soak the dry red chillies in water for 20 minutes. 

Clean your mushrooms with a damp paper towel to remove the dirt. Trim off the stem and chop your mushroom into thin slices.

Preparing the Garlic Chutney / Paste:

    1. Take a blender or a mixer jar. Add your soaked red chillies along with the water, Garlic Powder, sugar, and vinegar to the jar.
  • Blend it well to form a smooth paste and set aside. 

  • Making the Garlic Mushroom:

    1. Heat butter in a non-stick pan or kadhai over medium heat. Add cumin and the chopped white bulb of spring onions. Sauté it well. 
    2. Next, add in the prepared garlic chutney paste and sauté properly.
    3. Add in the sliced mushrooms and mix, making sure they get coated in the mixture. Sprinkle some salt and stir well.
    4. Cover the lid and cook for 2 to 3 minutes while stirring occasionally. 
    5. Add the chopped green leafy part of the spring onions. Close the flame and mix well.
    6. Transfer the garlic mushrooms to a serving bowl and garnish it with coriander leaves.

    Your Garlic Mushrooms are ready to be served. Enjoy!

    Tips and Variations for Garlic Mushroom Recipe: 

    Instead of slicing, you can also halve the mushrooms or cook them whole. Adjust cooking time accordingly.

    Do not soak the mushrooms as they absorb the water and become soggy. Lightly wipe them with a damp paper towel to clean the dirt and debris.

    You can use button mushrooms or cremini mushrooms.

    The garlic chutney can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator.

    Variations for Garlic Mushroom Recipe:

      • Roasted Garlic Mushrooms: Try delicious roasted garlic mushrooms. Mix melted butter, chopped mushrooms, and garlic paste. Roast it in an oven or air fryer and serve. 
  • Fried Garlic Mushrooms: If you like a little crisp in your mushrooms, dip them in a flour batter and fry until golden brown. Toss them in the garlic chutney and cook well. Your crispy garlic mushrooms will be ready! 
    • Garlic Mushrooms with Cheese: Add some grated cheese to your garlic mushrooms and cook until the cheese melts for a gooey delight.
    • Easy Creamy Garlic Mushrooms: Heat butter in a pan and roast maida in it. Add Zilli’s Red Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, milk, oregano, chilli flakes, and cheese. Let the sauce thicken, add the prepared garlic paste and mushrooms, and cook for a few minutes. Voila! Your creamy garlic mushrooms are ready!
    • Soy Garlic Mushrooms: Add balsamic vinegar and soy sauce to your mushrooms with butter, garlic powder, parsley, and pepper and roast it in the oven to make balsamic soy roasted garlic mushrooms.
    • Spanish Garlic Mushrooms: Make a classic Champiñones al Ajillo or Spanish Garlic Mushrooms. Quarter the mushrooms and toss them in olive oil with Garlic Powder, lemon juice, paprika or cayenne, black pepper, chilli flakes, and salt. Sauté until cooked well and garnish with chopped parsley.
    • Garlic Mushroom Noodles / Pasta: Add cooked noodles or pasta to your prepared garlic mushrooms and toss them well for a few minutes to make garlic mushroom noodles or pasta. You can add chicken and vegetables of choice to make it next-level delicious.
    • Garlic Mushroom Pizza / Sandwich: Repurpose the butter garlic mushrooms and use them as a topping for your pizza or as a filling for your grilled sandwich.

    Serving Ideas: 

    Enjoy garlic mushrooms on their own as a healthy evening snack.

    Alternatively, you can serve it with rice, quinoa, chapati, or rumali roti.

    Butter garlic mushrooms are also an ideal side dish with your meal. It tastes delicious with chicken, steak, paneer, tofu, pasta, noodles, fried rice, scrambled eggs, or even Indian meals like dal and khichdi. 


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