What is chicken masala powder made of?

Chicken Masala Pounded Spices Zilli's

Chicken masala powder is a quintessential spice blend that plays a pivotal role in transforming ordinary chicken dishes into extraordinary culinary delights. This magical mixture of spices, rooted in the heart of Indian cuisine, has the power to elevate the flavor of any chicken preparation. In this blog, we will uncover the delightful ingredients that make up chicken masala powder and explore the diverse and aromatic world of spices that contribute to its richness.

The Core Ingredients of Zilli's Chicken Masala

  1. Red Chilli: Adds heat and a vibrant red color to the dish.

  2. Coriander Seeds: Provide a mild citrusy and earthy flavor.

  3. Black Pepper: Adds a mild spiciness and warmth to the blend.

  4. Clove: Imparts a strong, pungent, and sweet flavor.

  5. Cinnamon: Lends a sweet and woody aroma with a hint of spiciness.

  6. Star Anise: Imparts a sweet and licorice-like flavor.

  7. Bay Leaves: Contribute a mild, earthy flavor and a slightly minty note.

  8. Poppy Seeds: Add a nutty and slightly sweet flavor.

  9. Cumin: Brings a warm, nutty flavor to the mix.

  10. Turmeric: Adds a warm and slightly bitter flavor and imparts a vibrant yellow color.

  11. Mustard Seeds: Provide a pungent and slightly bitter taste.

  12. Nakeshwar: The specific use or flavor contribution of this ingredient is not commonly known, and it may be a regional or proprietary spice blend.

  13. Black Cardamom: These pods release their fragrant seeds and offer a sweet, citrusy, and slightly herbal note.

  14. Caraway Seeds: Impart a warm, earthy, and slightly nutty flavor.

  15. Fennel Seeds: Offer a subtle licorice-like sweetness.

  16. Asafoetida: A strong-smelling spice that adds a unique and savory flavor to the blend.

  17. Mace: Mace is the outer covering of the nutmeg seed and has a similar warm, nutty flavor.

  18. Nutmeg: Freshly grated nutmeg adds a warm, nutty, and slightly sweet aroma.

  19. Sesame Seeds: Contribute a nutty and slightly earthy flavor.

  20. Coconut: Typically, dried and grated coconut is used to add a creamy and slightly sweet texture and flavor.

  21. Dried Fenugreek Seeds: These seeds have a slightly bitter taste with a hint of maple syrup-like sweetness.

  22. Iodized Salt: Adds the essential salty taste to the blend.

  23. Zilli’s Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil: This high-quality oil is often used for cooking the chicken dish and contributes to the overall flavor.

Creating the Blend

To create chicken masala powder, these spices are meticulously roasted, pounded, and combined in precise proportions to achieve a well-balanced and flavorful mix. The result is a harmonious blend of aromas and tastes, with each spice playing a crucial role in creating the perfect seasoning for chicken dishes.

Using Chicken Masala Powder

Chicken masala powder can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. Marinade: It's often used as a marinade for chicken pieces, allowing the spices to infuse into the meat before cooking.

  2. Curries: It's a key ingredient in many Indian chicken curries, stew, and gravy dishes.

  3. Grilled Chicken: Sprinkle chicken masala powder on chicken pieces before grilling for a delicious smoky flavor.

  4. Roasted Chicken: Rub it on whole chickens for a mouthwatering roasted dish.

  5. Stir-Fries: Add it to stir-fried chicken and vegetables for an Indian-inspired twist.


Chicken masala powder is a versatile spice blend that can transform your chicken dishes into culinary masterpieces. The combination of various spices creates a symphony of flavors and aromas that can cater to a range of taste preferences, from mild to spicy. Experiment with different proportions to customize the blend to your liking, and let your culinary creativity soar as you embark on a flavorful journey with chicken masala powder.

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