8 Reasons Why Garlic Powder is a Must-Have Ingredient in Your Kitchen

If you haven’t used garlic powder in your cooking yet, you’re truly missing out. Garlic Powder, also known as Lehsun Powder in Hindi, has earned its reputation as a flavourful and multi-purpose seasoning in countless kitchens worldwide.

Some people use it for convenience, some question its need, and some cannot live without it (including us). Whether you’re a sceptic or simply dilly-dallying, this blog might just be the convincing push you need to grab a bottle of garlic powder online for yourself.

So, without further ado, here  why you should definitely stock garlic powder in your kitchen cabinet:

  1. Garlic Powder is 100% Natural :

Let’s get the facts straight: Garlic Powder is completely natural. It is made using high-quality garlic cloves that are peeled, dried, dehydrated, and ground into fine powder. So, when picking a bottle for yourself, make sure the list of garlic powder ingredients contains only one thing: garlic in its powdered form. No additives, preservatives, or artificial flavourings.

  1. Garlic Powder is Super Convenient:

A lot of love goes into cooking but there’s a lot of labour too. Garlic powder helps you skip a few steps, especially when in a rush. No need to pull out that knife and cutting board and spend time and effort peeling, chopping, or mincing those sticky cloves.

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  1. It’s flavourful and a perfect garlic substitute:

Garlic powder is mildly nutty and umami in taste and has an intense aroma. It has a similar flavour profile to raw garlic but is less harsh and pungent than the fresher variant, making it an excellent substitute in many recipes. When you use garlic powder in cooking, 1 tsp will suffice as a substitute for eight garlic cloves.

4. Garlic Powder

Here’s a short horror story: You’re in the kitchen, ready to prepare your famous chilli garlic noodles for your friends who have gathered. But panic sets in once you realize you’ve run out of garlic and what little you had has gone bad. Without it, it’s not going to taste the same. Scary, right? Not when you have garlic powder at hand. Garlic powder boasts a longer shelf life, typically up to 18 months, and will be a lasting presence in your kitchen.

  1. Garlic Powder is Multi-Purpose:

When it comes to cooking, there are countless garlic powder uses and recipes that you will absolutely enjoy. From enriching soups and curries to seasoning meats and veggies, garlic powder can be a reliable partner. It also works wonderfully well in sauces and spice mixes or when sprinkled over salads, pizzas, popcorn, fries, etc.

You can also combine garlic powder with Red Onion Powder to make delicious parathas, paneer and veggie stir fry, stuffed mushrooms, classic Mumbai Masala Pav, and more. Your imagination and culinary creativity are the limit!

  1. Garlic Powder is Practical (in a Lot of Ways):

In many cases, garlic powder can be more practical than fresh cloves. For example, when marinating or coating chicken and fish for frying, garlic powder makes more sense. Minced garlic can make your marinade or spice rub lumpy, and the tiny bits may burn when pan-frying. Garlic powder has a uniform flavour and gets evenly dispersed. And unlike fresh garlic, its powdered variant can be mixed easily into your coating flour.

Or you’re making a soup, stew, or pasta sauce that is almost ready. The consistency is perfect, and the flavour is magical, but it needs a little garlicky touch. Adding fresh garlic at this point would not be wise because the rawness would disturb the flavour and require additional cooking time, which affects the consistency and texture. In this case, a little garlic powder will be your soup or sauce-saving superhero.

  1. Garlic Powder is Perfect to Flavour Snacks and Baked Goods:

If you love garlic like we do, you probably want it on everything. With snacks like chips, pizzas, popcorn, nuts and seeds, fries, boiled or scrambled eggs, bhel puri, or salads, wherein raw garlic might overpower other flavours, sprinkling garlic powder is a fantastic way to enhance the taste.

Garlic powder uses also extend to savoury baked goods, including bread, cookies, puff pastries, and stuffed buns. Make some scrumptious garlic bread or cheesy garlic breadsticks by combining garlic powder with butter and parsley. The creaminess of butter pairs well with the mellow yet nutty flavour of garlic powder. Want something fancier? Bake focaccia bread with a desi, colourful, and nutritious twist by adding 1 tsp Moringa Powder along with garlic powder.

  1. Garlic Powder is Suitable for Picky Eaters:

Kids, and sometimes even adults, can be picky eaters. Some throw a tantrum at the sight of garlic in their food while some find the flavour too intense and harsh for their palate. Unlike chopped or minced garlic, garlic powder is virtually undetectable and has a mild flavour that blends into various recipes easily.

Health Benefits 

This might astonish you, but garlic powder benefits your health in ways more than you can imagine. Garlic powder is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and dietary fibre. It helps ward off cold, cough, and fungal and viral infections.[1] It also improves heart health, boosts immunity, and keeps your digestive system healthy. And that’s not it! Check out: 10 Garlic Powder Health Benefits That Will Surprise You

Why Buy Garlic Powder Online from Zilli’s?

By now, you are ready to embrace the convenience and flavours of garlic powder in your cooking routine. But hold on, don’t just grab any bottle you see. Get the best garlic powder price and quality with a trusted and reliable brand like Zilli’s!

At Zilli’s, we use the finest-quality garlic cloves to prepare our garlic powder. Like all of our products, our garlic powder comes in airtight packaging to ensure freshness and longer shelf life. There is only one garlic powder ingredient in our bottle: pure dehydrated garlic. 100% natural, non-GMO, and without any additives or preservatives.

We also have a complete range of premium-quality spices and seasonings, including absolute must-haves like garlic powder, tangy delights like Lemon Powder, superfoods like Beetroot Powder, regional blends like Kolkata Jhal Muri Masala, Bengali Panch Phoron, Bombay Sandwich Masala, and so much more. Get exploring!


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